Small Woodworking Projects For The Beginners

Small Woodworking Projects For The Beginners

As a beginner, you may love to make small woodworking projects

A woodworker loves to create different DIY projects by wood. They show their creativeness by their workings. Do you also want to be one of them? You have machines, tools, and other accessories and want to create some small woodworking projects then I am here with some fascinating small woodworking projects ideas. You can make some daily necessary projects with the help of your wood workshop. Small woodworking projects that sell and shows your creativeness and perfection. So, don’t be late! Here I am with 10 cool small woodturning projects that you should know.

  1. Love Wood Wall Rack

This is a small wood project. You can easily create one by your table saw. You need to have the minimum experience to build it. You will need wood pieces, screw and wood glue. Just cut the wood pieces and join them with glue. You can put a picture frame, show pieces and many other things in it.

2. Wooden Box

Need to keep your necessary things or papers safe? Then you can make a wooden box in your workshop on your own. It will not take much time to do so. You will need some wood pieces and screws. Just cut the wood pieces in a shape of a box. Then joint them with each other. You can make your own wooden box very easily.

 3. Pallet Wood Wall Rack

Things and clothing are spread here and there?  Do you feel the need for a wall rack to put your clothes hanging up there? Here is the project for you which are made of wood easily. It is a very simple DIY work to do. You will just need a wood piece and steel hanger to attach with the wood. You can also make a simple hollow place in the wood wall rack to put important things such as a toothbrush, comb, pen etc.

4. Wooden Beer Mug

Those who are fond of pleasures and refinement this project is for them. You can make a wooden cup by yourself. It is very easy but it takes some time to make it.  However, to make a beautiful mug you will need a table saw, wood lathe machine, glue, wood piece, and ropes. Cut the wood piece into the same sizes. Join them with the help of glue. Then you have to make the ear of the mug with the help of a wood lathe machine. After that, you should bind the circular mug with a rope to get more stability.

5. Firewood Rack

It’s very cold outside. You need to light a fire with firewood. But you need to put them in an organized way. So, you need to use a firewood rack. It is a very simple project but very effective. You can easily make one for your house. A long piece of wood, screw, table saw will be needed for making this rack. Just cut the piece and joint them with a screw. This is your firewood rack for your home. Stay hot in the winter.

6. Big Bookshelf

If you are a bookworm then you definitely need a bookshelf for you. You can easily create a big bookshelf and store more books. You can make it yourself with the help of your wood workshop. You will need the wood piece, saw, glue, screw. First, you need to cut the wood in suitable sizes. Then you need to join the parts with one another. You can give different shape and section for different books.

7. Plant Stand

A tree lover will plant the tree in his house too.  This project idea is for the tree lovers especially. You can build a stand which can hold numbers of the plant. Make sure that all the legs of the stand have the same size and strength. Cut the wood pieces with a miter saw so that you get all the legs in the same size. You will put two or three more wood piece over the legs so that it can bear wood plant. So, it is your plant stand.

8. DIY Pallet Toilet Paper Holder

You can make a toilet paper holder with wood. It is a great idea to utilize your leisure time and creativeness.  Anyone who will see that will surely be impressed.  You can make this toilet paper holder with a tiny self too. You will need a router machine to shape the wooden pieces. Insert a round wood piece in between two pieces. Join them with the screw. For adding self you can use more wood piece. This will definitely impress your visitors.

9. DIY Pallet Wood Memo Board

Are you a busy guy? Need to do a lot of things daily but you forget them.  A daily memo can help you to remember what you have done and what others are still undone. So, you can build your own memo board by wood. It is very simple and very easy. Just some wood pieces, glue, screw and thin steel plate is used to make it.

10. Shoe Stand

To keep the shoes at the right place we use shoe stand. You can build a shoe stand by yourself on your wood workshop. It is a very easy DIY project. This shoe stand will help you to keep the shoes in a findable place. You will need the wood plate, saw, glue, drill machine, screw. First of all, you need to cut the wood plate in suitable sizes according to your need. Then join the parts with one another with screw and wood glue.


Final Notes

A woodworker will always love to utilize his workshop by making wood projects. As a beginner, he/she should start with small woodworking projects. Hope that these small woodworking projects free plans have impressed you. You should start now to build new projects. It will increase your efficiency and proficiency. You should always give safety the first and foremost priority. As you will be working with the saw and other machines you should be careful. Always try to be safe. By working for a long time you will be a pro in woodworking. After that, you can make large and fascinating wood projects by yourself.

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