Bosch gts1031 Reviews

Bosch gts1031 Reviews

So, are you looking for a comfortable budget and sharp cutter for your wood project?

My new Bosch gts1031 has some cool features and it works very well. Here the table saw comes with best perfection and accuracy. It is the best 10-inch portable table saw in the market. It looks very gorgeous. The company Bosch is one of the best companies for building new machines for the woodworker. If you are a woodworker and a wood lover then you should hear the name of Bosch. They have built many tables saw for cutting your wood pieces and giving them a suitable shape. But the model gts1031 is best among them. It is small and very easy to bear and transport.

Who is the Bosch gts1031 for? 

  • The Bosch gts1031 is designed for any individual looking to take their wood project to the next level.
  • The Bosch gts1031 is a wood tool that can be used for wood tool with dust port. Therefore, if you are looking for a multipurpose woodwork project, then this can be your first choice.

BackgroundWhy I bought Bosch gts1031 

There are some more features that made me interested in buying this.


The first and foremost thing that you should look while working with a sharp thing is a safety issue. Safety is a must while working with a table saw because it has a rolling blade which has extremely high rotational speed. That can harm you if you are not totally aware of the problems that can happen while cutting a wood piece.

Perhaps every woodworker knows that table saw produces kickback while cutting. But this Bosch1031 has anti-kickback feature that will totally amuse you.

If you don’t know about kickbacks then this is for you. While working with your table saw sometimes the work piece may get stuck between your cutting tool and table, fence. Then it may be thrown away by that place towards you. It is very uncertain and the through back generates more speed.

But you should not be worried about kickbacks as your Bosch 1031 has the feature of anti-kickback. It has a knife to separate the workpiece from the blade after cutting. If you want then you can add a blade guard too to remain safer.

Always give safety the first majority and this machine ensures you about your safety. Nothing should get more priority than the safety. So, you can get this for better safety.


It is only 10 inch. Oh my god! Can you imagine? You can just handle it by one hand. It is designed to carry it in a hand. The weight of this table saw is only 64.8 lbs. One can easily bear it in one hand. You can transport it from one place to another with ease. The handle has a soft grip and it's very comfortable to carry it. The saw has also dual side handles too. So, if you feel heavy it in one hand then you can pull out both handles to carry it. The base of the machine can be folded. You can now take your saw wherever you want and place it there. After working you can put the machine in one corner of your workplace by folding it. It takes less space to store. It will save your time. As we all know time is money. You may take this table saw for its cool feature of portability.

Metal Quality

Metal quality is a major part of being a good machine. Metal quality decides how much load your machine can bear. A good quality metal built table saw will give you a longer working time. This Bosch 1031 has extremely good material. The Base of the machine is really good and can take loads easily. You can place the machine on any flat surface easily and it will give you the same result. Any kind of heavy impacts is suitable for this. It is made of steel. As the quality is good it can give a long time performance. It is a good feature that the table saw comes with good materials.

Precision and Accuracy

You can perform various kind of cutting through a table saw. The rolling blade is a sharp edge which is very important to cut different cuttings. There is also some function that will help you to do so. Here comes the term of precision. The entire table saws are used to cut but all of them do not have precision and accuracy that we all want for. But Bosch 1031 will not disappoint you anymore. It has the feature of locking rip fence. It has also a self-aligning system to align your workpiece. The riving knife is helpful for removing kickbacks. The blade does not leave any burn mark to the surface. It works so accurately that there will be no extra pressure needed for having a good shape. Your job is to make the marks where to cut and just take the wood piece through the blade. The blade will cut the wood piece with precision. And for having accuracy and precision this is one of the best table saws in the market.

Think that you are making a wood project and you get many defects on wood while cutting it with a table saw. It is not acceptable from any woodworker. Every woodworker needs precision in their work. So, you can take Bosch 1031 for best result with precision and accuracy.


The table saw comes with a versatile profile. It is of 10 inch and has 24 teeth in its blade. The blade is very sharp. The teeth edges are curved enough to produce much sharpness. The blade's teeth are made of carbide. It is a good quality metal. The blade offers 18 inches of rip capacity. Motor rpm is 5000. So you can understand how much the speed is. The dimensions for this product are 26 x 24.8 x 15.5 inch. You can cut your wood piece by running the machine with 127 volts only. Powers source is corded electric. You will find a saw blade; rip fence, blade changing wrenches, pushing stick, miter gauge with the Bosch 1031. It is a versatile one for its components. It works well in all condition. All you have to do is that you have to ensure the power supply.

Due to the versatile profile, it is loved by many woodworkers. You can be one of them by getting this saw for your workplace.

Blade Speed and Sharpness

As it has 5000 rpm speed then definitely you can say that it has a great working speed. Cutting with the blade is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife. It offers you a very smooth cut. All these happen at its high speed. The delivered blade with it has tremendous sharpness. But one thing you should remind that it is very sharp so you should not put your bare hand into it. It can seriously harm you. Keep a suitable distance from the cutting tool.

According to experts saying the more speed the blade will have the more production you will get. So, you can definitely take it.


This table saw comes with 30 days money back guarantee. That is very much amazing. Work for 1 month and if you have any problem with that machine then the Bosch Company will replace it with a brand new one. That's cool. They also provide 1 year of warranty. If any machine part going wrong after the first month then they are going to fix it for you. So you should remain relaxed. The woodworkers love this table saw very much. They hardly had faced to the customer support after buying this. That's happened to me also. I am happy with this one. The machine parts are very good.

Dust Port

It comes with a dust port features. So do not worry about the cleanness of your workshop. This feature will help you to keep your workplace neat and clean. All table saws do not come with this special feature but in Bosch 1031 you will find this one. And this is very useful too.


  • Great cutting performance.
  • Easy to bear due to having a handle. It is portable.
  • Easy to maintain the dust and keep clean.
  • Smart guard system installed. The guard helps to operate the blade correctly.
  • Easy to install blade.
  • Angle Double Right
    Durable and has a tough body as it is built with good quality metal.


  • It makes some noise and may harm your ear.
  • For long time use, the table saw blade can be damaged a little bit.
  • Angle Double Right
    Little heavier than some other table saws.


Q: Can I cut steel with this table saw?

  • Actually, you can't cut steel or heavy metal with this table saw. It will be harmful to your saw.

Q: Can I cut a dado cut with this?

  • You can obviously. This saw is suitable for the entire saw cut.

Q: How much the weight of this saw? Can I handle it in one hand?

  • The weight of the machine is 64.8 lbs. You can bear it in one hand just.

Q: What is the amount of voltage to run this? Can I run this with 220v?

  • It runs with 110-120 volts. And you can’t use this in high voltages like 220v. You should use an adaptor.

Q: Does it come with dust port facility?

  • Yes, it does.

Final Notes

By this time I hope that you have understood why I bought this particular table saw for my workshop. The Bosch gts1031 has some extra effective features that will insist you to buy this. I think every woodworker needs a table saw for making many creative projects. As per my choice, I have chosen this one for cutting my wood pieces. I will suggest you buy this Bosch 1031 for getting better performance.