Best Table Saw Under $500 | Excellent Cheap Table Saw

Are you a lover of woodworking? Looking for a table saw for your workshop? Thinking of what will be cheapest along with good quality? Then I am here to tell you about the best table saw under 500 on the market. Nothing more or nothing less, I will give you an exact concept about a good table saw. Here I will describe on best 10 table saw which are cheapest. These are the affordable table saw. This article is about the best cheap table saw in 2018.

We are living in an era of DIY. Here people love to make or create new kind of product and goods on their own. The woodworking is one of them. What would it be like if you get all in one portable table saw? Like this many cool features are included in a good table saw. You have to make your decision to buy a bench saw. Hope this review will help you to choose the Best table saw under 500 at an affordable price. So, go through the article.

Top 10 Table Saw In Your Budget 

1. Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter  


It comes with the benefit of cutting up to 9 inches wide and 5-8 inch thickness products. It's designed to cut luxury vinyl and many other work pieces. It can cut the 45-degree angle in the 6-inch work piece. No assembly or tools are required. It is dust free with a one year warranty.  It has 20 different blades. You can operate it anytime you want.

Basically, it is made for straight cut only. Once you buy this product then you are going to love it surely.  It has fashionable look with excellent durability. However, it's up to you whether you need it or not. It has some idiosyncrasies issue and you have to be aware of.


  • A huge number of the different shaped blade is available in market. You can cut any shape by this.
  • A fat work piece can also be cut easily. It is fashioned and designed for cutting a fat wood piece too.pan
  • This is fully durable.
  • It has a metal body. Good quality metal is used in it.


  • angle-double-right
    It does not have a dust collector.

2. SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand


Here it comes with a folding stand included. Have great looking with a metal body. It has a rip fence which is self-aligning. The wood piece with a dimension of 20-inch x 26 inches can be cut through it. For 4x materials, it can cut with the range of 3 - ½ inch height cut capacity. It’s easy to set up and easy to transport. It is very fashionable with having EZ view.  Suitable for all wood DIY work as it has the extreme speed to cut instant.  Three years of warranty as well as this product does not have a dust collection port for collecting the dust.You can cut dado cut with it too.


  • It has EZ view. It helps to determine the surface and the work piece is easy to use or not.
  • Easy to use and install. You can install it on your own.
  • It has extreme speed.
  • Large or fat wood piece can be cut easily.


  • angle-double-right
    A very high speedy blade can harm you.

3. DEWALT DW745 15 Amp 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw


Need to work in uneven work surfaces? Here it is! The DEWALT job site table saw. It is very easy to use and setup. It has a modular guarding system which is site pro. It has easy access to the site-pro guarding. The adjustment for a fence is very fast for using opinion and rack fence. It can cut up to 45 degrees of angle cut. Easily reduce the friction as it has a good clean surface.

It has to stand included. Total weight is 3.1 pounds. Dimensions are 23.5 x 16 x 22 inch. Have adjustable rear feet design for leveling the saw. It is very easy to use. You are able to cut all three cuts with it. This product will give you the best feedback while working.


  • It has a stand which bears the machine body easily at any surface.
  • cut at 45-degree angle.
  • very lightweight and portable.
  • The modular guarding system.


  • angle-double-right
    As it has very lightweight, with the high speed of the machine the work piece can be detached.

4. Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw


The main focused feature of this product is it is portable. And it is very easy to bear in one hand. Have a heavy impact on the cut piece. It is Beneficial with the facility of anti-kickback. Rip fence with square lock facility. Here it is the Bosch portable table saw GTS1031. Have a smart guard. A lot of features are added to this product. 20 teeth have 10 inches per tooth. The blade is very sharp. It can cut angle up to 47 degrees. Have a meter gauge and blade change mechanism. It has 64.8 pounds. The dimension for this product is 26 x 24.8 x 15.5 inch. With 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


  • angle-double-right
    Your working place will remain dust free as it has an accurate efficiency.
  • angle-double-right
    Easy to use.
  • angle-double-right
    This dust collector is portable.


  • angle-double-right
    It is a little heavy.
  • angle-double-right
    It is very small in size

5.  DEWALT DWE7480 Compact Job Site Table Saw


Another gorgeous looking DEWALT compact job site Table Saw. It is used for wood DIY. It is also portable. Manufactured in Taiwan and have the special design. Look like a small generator and it’s bearable. Rack and pinion fence is available. It is easy to install. It cuts the wood perfectly. Have excellent durability and high-speed facility. It has a dust port to collect dust. It has adjustable rear feet which are designed for leveling the saw.

Total weight is 53.7 pounds. Blade diameter is 10 inch. The depth of cut is up to 90 degree. Dimensions for the product are 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inch.


  • Able to cut 90 degrees of depth.
  • The blade diameter is 10 inch. It can easily go through the fat wood piece.
  • Portable and you can bear it anywhere.
  • Rack and pinion will give you perfection while working.
  • Angle Double Right
    Very lightweight and it's very easy to bear and transport.


  • angle-double-right
    Looks like very tiny.

 6. Craftsman Evolv Table Saw 28461


Love to do wood DIY and Crafts? Then it will help you out.A table saw that can cut your wood piece easily. It is Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461. It has 24 teeth in its blade and it’s very sharp. It also generates extra high speedy force while spinning. It is mounted for adjustment the rip very fast.  It has a steel table surface. You can install it by yourself. Few assembles are needed to install it.

Total weight for this one is 50.4 lbs. Dimensions are 26.9 x19.8 x 12.9 inch. The power source is a connection.


  • It has lightweight. It can easily be transported from one place to another.
  • Has extra high speed. It cuts the wood like a bullet.
  • Very much durable and restless.
  • Rip is very fast.
  • Angle Double Right
    Steel table surface is very smooth.


  • angle-double-right
    Does not have the dust collector.

7. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Worm Drive Table Saw


With a motor of 5hp, the table saw can cut your workpiece smoothly. The saw offers you 25 inch of rip capacity. It is portable and easy to bear. The field motor is for increasing the cutting speed and it extends motor life. For a good quality cutting, it has self-aligning rip fence. The saw also has on tool storage and this feature is really cool. The cutting tool gives maximum torque over the workpiece and the fence is easily adjustable. So it will be easy for the users to cut and shape their wood project with comfort. The gearing system for this particular machine is also amazing. The motor RPM is of 5300. That means it has a great spinning speed. The saw has also anti-kickback feature that can keep you safe. The weight of this product is 49 lbs and the dimensions are 19.9 x 23.4 x 13.4 inches. The body is aluminum built.


  • Durability is excellent.
  • Light weighted and easy to transport from one place to another.
  • Anti-kickback Facility is available.
  • It runs by making less sound.
  • The fence is adjustable


  • angle-double-right
    Does not come with a stand.

8. WORX Pegasus – WX051


With a versatile worktable, this table saw perform better. The table saw is compact, foldable. It only takes 5 inches of depth when it is folded. You can take this machine anywhere for its portability. The table can bear 300lbs of the workpiece at a time. With a leg lock feature, it is more secure when to use it. Two quick clamps are available to secure the materials and shapes of the wood piece. The machine shows perfection when to cut a wood piece by it. You can convert it from table to sawhorse in seconds and this feature is very beneficial. You can cut the entire edge cutting through it. It does not put any burn mark. The storage system is also amazing. Those who have a small workshop and want to make a different DIY project, this table saw is perfect for you. The build in lower shelf holds tools for accessing all the tools easily. The weight of the machine is 28lbs. The dimensions are 31 x 25 x 32 inches. The saw comes with 3 years of manufacturer's warranty


  • Very light weight helps to transport easily.
  • Added security features give extra security.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to find the tools for having a lower shelf.


  • angle-double-right
    It makes little noise.

​9. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw


For extra wide cut here it is. The Rockwell Table Saw. It has a folding fence and it helps to cut extra wide. It is fully assembled and very easy to use. It has laser facility. The laser indicator fits the blade tilt. The rip capacity is up to 30 inch. It has a fabulous cutting capacity with 4 x 4-inch wood piece. Total weight is 88.2 lbs. Product dimensions are 28 x 39 x 18 inch. It can be run through 120 volts. There is a warranty for this product is 2 years.

With this product, you can cut dado cut along with all other cuts. It has 15 Amp for the motor. Though it makes a lot of noise it works very well.


  • Laser indicator and this is very helpful for a tilt of the work piece.
  • Cut from the extra depth of the wood.
  • It has lightweight.


  • angle-double-right
    The motor severally crooks.

10. Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw


Great speed of motor gives more stability to the cutting tool. It takes less time to cut a wood piece smoothly if the speed is more. This special table saw comes with the motor speed of 4500 RPM. In the saw blade, there are 40 teeth of 10 inches each. The cutting range starts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. The ripping capacity is of 35 inches. There is a accessory storage which allows accessing the tools easily. The blade adjustment is very easy. There is anti-kickback pawl which will keep you safe. The machine is of 96 lbs. The dimensions are 22 x 28 x 36 inches. The table saw runs with the voltage of 120. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Anti-kickback feature.
  • Angle Double Right
    Storage facility.


  • angle-double-right
    Bevel can't be more than 45 degrees.

Things Need To Know Before Buying

 You are a wood DIY lover. Wants to create a lot of handy tools by cutting the wood and give them a suitable shape. For the purpose of cutting the wood, you just need a saw for your workshop. A table saw is much more preferable to do this kind of job. So, I will suggest you buy one for your workshop. You need to know many things before buying a good table saw. A buying guide can help you in many ways. You will want to deeply know about the natures of the product after reading the guide. A buying guide will help you choose the best one for your workshop. Looking for the best table saw under 500? You need to know about some topics before choosing the best one.

Blade Changing

You have to be concern about changing your blade for a different shaped cut. So it is a major fact as it is related to your working beauty and expresses your experiences. When you should change the blade is to be known by yourself.

Dust Collector

If you want to keep your workshop clean then you definitely need a good table saw with a dust collector.It will collect the dust and other excluding during work time. It's not like that if your one has no dust collector then your one should be addressed as a bad one. It is all upon you. If you need this then you can buy the one that has the dust collector facility.

Noise problem

If you have any problem with the noise then I'm going to tell you about the sad reality of using a table saw. When to work with a good table saw noise will obviously create. So before buying you have to concern about the noise and I will suggest you buy some protection for your ear.


Please buy one that has anti-kickback facility. Otherwise, it will create an accidental issue. It may damage your body parts.

About warranty 

You have already seen that the companies give warranty to their products. So when to buy please ensure the warranty period perfectly.

Maintenance Cost

Sometimes you have to change the blade. For a long time working your blade may damage and we will have needed another blade. It will cost you. Again you have to use lubricants to keep the machine parts smooth and friction less.

Overall Benefits

After choosing the best saw for your workshop you should think about doing the best uses for it. You should think about the maintenance cost and have to keep it neat and clean. A good table saw is perfect for all kind of woodcut.

How To Choose A Good Table Saw

  1. The mechanism should be simple, uncomplicated construction.
  2. It should have a stable design with the smooth running of the saw blade.
  3. It should give a mode of operation giving a high-quality product even at high running speed.
  4. It should have a high degree of flexibility.
  5. It should have Rapid and Simple adjustability at blade roller
  6. Power should be supplied constantly.

Additional Information About Table Saw 

You may want to know some frequent answers about best table saw under 500. Here I will describe them shortly.

Adjusting the Blade

To adjust the blade you have to be very careful about it. Don’t be too seriousness about it. You have to adjust the blade very carefully.

How to cut

You have to know the process related to how to cut your work piece through a table saw. It is also very important to know the methods regarding how to cut by a good table saw.

Angle Cut

Many times you have to cut your work piece to a various angle. First of all, you need to know more about the angle cut.  And then check the machine requirements whether it meets to your required cut angle or not.

Accidental Issue

A statistic shows that there is an accident in every 9 or 10 minutes occurs every day while working. You need to be very experienced while you are going to work with the table saw. Know the specific table saw’s working procedure a to z. Then go with the saw. Don't push through any function by yourself that you don't know how it works! First, know then work. Don't risk your life.


Q: Can I extend my table saw’s surface?

  • Yes, you can.

Q: Is the dust collector important?

  • It depends on you as I said earlier. If you want to keep your workshop clean then it will be better for you to choose a table saw which has a dust collecting system.

Q: Can the blade size affect your DIY?

  • Obviously, it can. For the different shape of wood DIY, you have to use different sizes of blades.

Are the table saws easy to transport?

  • Yes, indeed. Most of them have stood with the wheel. You can bear it anywhere. Even you can place some of them at uneven places too.

Q: Should I wear special glasses on while working?

  • Safety first. You must ensure your safety before starting work. So I'll strongly suggest you wear on glasses while working.

Q: Is the installation process easy to do at home?

Yes, you can install it on your own. It may be noted that the entire table saw is sold after installing by the company. If anytime you need to open the parts then you get a guidebook to re-install it.

Final Notes

Hope that you have chosen the right one for your workshop. It will be very good for you to buy a permanent table saw for your crazy workshop. And keep making different wood made tools or DIY that will amuse others. I am very hopeful that the review of the best table saw under 500 has helped you to choose your one for your workshop. Once again I want to mention that – Safety should be our first priority. As it is not a toy or something like that we should be very careful while working. It has a very sharp blade and may cause many accidents. So, we have to give the priority to safety issue first.

If you are still confused about which one you should buy then I will suggest you go through the article again about the best cheap table saw and take your decision wisely. Click to buy your one. Happy shopping.