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Trestle Table Plans | Expert Angels

Going through a hard time? Are you badly in need of a trestle table to serve dinner or other meal for party purposes?  If you own a trestle table then you can easily serve your party members or family members delicious dishes. Hence you are a woodworker and love to create new projects by wood that is why I am here for you to show you trestle table plans step by step. Trestle dining table plans will help you to make surprised your guests and family member. It is very easy to make the project successful. You only will need a day to complete the project. The table will have a strong basement that will hold the whole table firmly.

You have to be very passionate while working. Hope that you will find a better solution while working by following the steps by yourself. A simple trestle table plan can change your presentation view. So, why is so late? Let’s make a trestle table.

Steps should be follow:

⇒ First, Things First

⇒ STEP 1- Take the Measurement

⇒ STEP 2- Cut the Basement and Tabletop

⇒ STEP 3- Recess Drilling on the Feet

⇒ STEP 4- Attach the Feet to the Legs

⇒ STEP 5- Make Holes in the legs

⇒ STEP 6- Join the Legs

⇒ STEP 6- Attaching Leg Plate

⇒ STEP 7- Attaching the Cleats

⇒ STEP 8- Attaching Apron

⇒ STEP 9- Add the Stringers

⇒ STEP 10- Tabletop Management

⇒ STEP 11- Attach the Legs with Tabletop

⇒ Safety Alert

⇒ Final Note

I am given details in below. Read the rest step by step and find how to make trestle table.

First, Things First

Before starting you have to make a list of tools required to complete the project. So, manage the tools first for starting the project.

  1. Plywood sheet for the tabletop.
  2. Plywood table basement sheet.
  3. Table saw.
  4. Reciprocating saw.
  5. Sander Machine.
  6. Screws and Glue.
  7. Measuring tape.
  8. Drill machine.
  9. Circular Saw

If you have managed these tools then you can go further. Now, I am going to write the steps for creating the trestle table.

STEP 1- Take the Measurement

First of all, you have to take an initial measurement for your table. Such as how long do you want your table will be from the ground? Then, your tabletop length and width should be fixed before. It is completely up to you. But, as it is a trestle table you have to think about the measurement so that it doesn’t look uncomfortable at all.

For a trestle table, you should take the height from 30-30 inch from the ground. Tabletop should be 36/72 inch. Mark the measurement with the pencil. After taking the initial measurement let’s check out the next steps.

STEP 2- Cut the Basement and Tabletop

To cut the legs and tabletop use circular saw. It will not be easy to cut the feet as they are fat enough. Trestle table base plans include the base cutting and creating. So, try to cut one side and then start again from the other side. After cutting the feet you are ready to cut the tabletop. To cut the surface of the table, you can use a table saw or reciprocating saw. Here, I will prefer reciprocating saw.

STEP 3- Recess Drilling on the Feet

For a strong basement, you have to attach the feet with the table legs. Before attaching you have to drill the feet with your drill machine. When you are going to drill make sure that the drill bit is placed at 45 degrees angled.  Use 5/8 inch paddle bit for drilling.

You have to do the same with your all the feet.

STEP 4- Attach the Feet to the Legs

After drilling the recesses on the feet you are ready to attach the feet with table’s legs. It is a very easy process. You will use wood glue and screw for joining the pieces. You may use 8 inches of screws.

After joining the feet with the leg you should take a break so that the glue sticks well.

STEP 5- Make Holes in the legs

To join the two different legs you have to drill holes into the legs. First, take the measurement and height of the holes from the ground so that the joining wood rod doesn’t look odd. Then cut the joining wood rod by a circular saw. A simple trestle plan includes the right measurement ability.

Hold your drill machine angle of 45 degrees. Use 5/8 inch paddle bit for drilling. Use 6 inches of lag screw to join the wood rod.

STEP 6- Join the Legs

After making holes with the drill machine you will join the wood rod between the two legs. It is also a very easy process to do. Use wood glue and screw to attach the legs with one another. While attaching you should make sure that, they attached perfectly. Here, measurements facts play a vital role.

STEP 6- Attaching Leg Plate

On the leg top, you have to attach the leg plate to hold the tabletop. The measurement of the leg plate depends on the size of your tabletop. First cut the leg plate to be attached. The two leg plates should be the exact same size. For cutting, you may use the reciprocating saw or the table saw.
Now, attach the plates to the leg tops with glue. You can use screws by drilling from the plate to leg top to get extra holding capacity.

STEP 7- Attaching the Cleats

Now, it’s time to work with the tabletop. Your basement is ready and by following the next steps you will be able to complete the full project. Take a length of three-inch from the edges and mark with the pencil. Now, cut some wood pieces of 6 x 3 x 1 inch. And place the wood pieces to all the sides of table top sheet making 2 inches of gap between one another.

You can use your drill machine and wood glue to attach the cleats.

STEP 8- Attaching Apron

Besides the cleats, you have to add an apron with perfect measurements. It will work as a frame outside of the edges. To do so you have to cut wood plate by using a reciprocating saw.

After cutting the pieces you will add the apron beside the cleats. You will use drill machine and screws for better adjusting. In addition, you can use wood glue.

STEP 9- Add the Stringers

Now, it’s time to add stringers. Stringers should be added between the gaps of the cleats. The stringers are used to increase the strength of the apron and tabletop. You should use at least two stingers on the two sides.

STEP 10- Tabletop Management

The surface of the table should be trimmed well so that it doesn’t look ugly. You can use sander machine for sanding the tabletop. It will take only a few times to complete the task. The 120-grit paper is more preferable to sand the tabletop.

STEP 11- Attach the Legs with Tabletop

After finishing the tabletop management you are ready to connect the legs with the tabletop. Before doing that you have to assemble the legs. After doing this you will able to attach the legs with the tabletop. You can attach the tabletop by drilling and inserting screws and glue. Now, you can fill all the unnecessary holes. After that, you should sand the full table.

Your table is ready!

Safety Alert

As a woodworker may be you are well-known about the uncertain accidents. Working with sharp and speedy tools it may create a sudden accident. Again your low experiences can lead you to your harm. You may face a dangerous moment for some unexpected accident. We all don’t want an accident. To avoid accident you have to very concern and careful while working with sharp and speedy tools. It will be your duty to give the safety the first and foremost priority. For extra protection facility, you should use eyeglasses and ear plug. You should also use a mask to avoid the wood and to get entered with your breath. Always try to remain safe while working.

You have to more careful while working with the circular saw, miter saw, table saw, reciprocating saw and drill machine because they are dangerous tools. Once again I would like to concern you about simple trestle table plans that, you should very careful while working.

Final Note

So, here we are at the conclusion. Hope that you have understood the steps very well and made you trestle table. To create the project of trestle table plans is very easy to do. Now, you can easily create a trestle table for your home use and you can sell it to earn a profit. As you are a woodworker you will not need too much investment to start a business. It will be very beneficial to start a new business with your workstation. You can create a lot of wood products like a trestle table and earn money. You do not need to buy a new machine. You can make products by your existing basic woodworking tools and machines.
However, the guideline of making a trestle table may be looked little tough if you are a beginner. You have to practice more and more to be a pro. I am very much optimistic that you will be able to make a trestle table with your own measurement. That is all for today. Keep your good working continues.

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